About You

If you’re reading this page it is because you’ve realized the time has come to take the next step toward protecting your family… whether that step is as significant as jumping into a comprehensive plan of action or as simple as getting the answer to one nagging question.  Either way, I can help.

It is not always easy to know when you’ve done everything you can on your own and that it’s time to seek help.  If you recognize yourself in any of the following scenarios you may be able to benefit from my expertise:

  • You have a family—a spouse or partner, children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews —and want to “get your affairs in order” to protect them and provide for them, but aren’t sure how to best accomplish that;
  • You want to ensure that  the right person will be making your financial and  medical decisions if you become unable.  You want to be sure that it’s the person of your choosing, and that he or she  knows what your wishes are.  You want the matter handled privately, within the family, and without court intervention;
  • You already have a will or trust, but haven’t updated them since your children were little and you want to make sure the documents still “hold up;”
  • You have minor children and want to ensure that they will be protected and cared for in the event of your incapacity or death.  You want to be the one who decides who will take care of them, not leave the decision up to a judge who doesn’t know your children or your wishes.  You want to protect their inheritance and have it be managed privately by people you trust, without court involvement;
  • You are the adult child of an aging parent and are concerned about what might happen in the event of his or her mental decline or incapacity.  How would you handle your parents’ financial affairs or arrange for their physical care, especially if you live out of state? How would you locate other trustworthy professionals (such as a geriatric care manager or home care provider) to assist you and your parents?
  • You have a child or grandchild with special needs and want to ensure that he or she is taken care of, but without jeopardizing any public benefits to which they might be entitled;
  • You are planning your retirement and have questions about asset protection, gifting programs and long-term care planning;
  • You have a parent or child who can no longer make his or her own decisions and requires a guardian or conservator; you need legal help to petition the court to become that guardian or conservator.
  • You or someone you love needs long-term nursing care, but the cost is frighteningly prohibitive.  You have questions about the different options for payment, or how to apply for Medicaid/Masshealth.  You wonder what the other options are for medical care and supportive housing;
  • You have been appointed as someone’s guardian or conservator, or nominated as the executor of an estate, and you need guidance and assistance in carrying out your duties.

Whatever your goal, you take your role in the process seriously. You seek efficient planning and a positive resolution. I take my role as your legal expert and guide seriously as well; together we will achieve the results that will ensure that your wishes are honored, and that you and your family will be protected.

I appreciate when my clients are engaged members of the team as we work toward their goals; I encourage you to ask all of your questions and be willing to explore all of the options for the best interest of you, your children, your parents or family members.

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