Action Item – Keep Your Attorney in the Loop

Some people get overwhelmed with the idea of getting their affairs in
order and as a result find it easier to do nothing.  To help people
with that inertia, I'll be posting weekly Action Items – little steps
that take an hour or less that will move you forward in the process and
make it less daunting.

Today's Action Item  – Keep Your Attorney in the Loop

you signed your Will, Health Care Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney and
other estate documents, chances are you gave your attorney the
addresses and telephone numbers of the people you appointed as your agents, your legal heirs, and the people and charities named in your Will. 

Check those documents, and note any people that may have moved or changed telephone numbers since you signed the documents. 

Send the updated contact information to your attorney for her records,
and keep a copy in  your files.  In a crisis, telephone numbers which
you or someone else may know by heart can be forgotten so having the
information readily available will make sure that everyone can be
contacted quickly.

you find that your documents are more out of date than you thought and
you want to make changes (or if you have no documents in place at all
and want to make sure that your wishes are honored) call me at

Planning, Probate and Trusts involve complex areas of law. Individual
circumstances must be considered before any advice can be given.  The
general information above is not to be construed as legal advice, which
can only be given after consideration of the unique facts of each
matter. Please seek the advice or counsel of your attorney, financial
advisor or CPA as it may be appropriate.

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