Action Item – Start Writing Your Letter of Intent

Some people get overwhelmed with the idea of getting their affairs in
order and as a result find it easier to do nothing.  To help people
with that inertia, I'll be posting weekly Action Items – little steps
that take an hour or less that will move you forward in the process and
make it less daunting.

Today's Action Item – Start Writing Your Letter of Intent for Your Child With Special Needs

You know the importance of having a letter of intent for your child with special needs, but maybe you've been putting it off, maybe you didn't know where to start, maybe you thought it would take too long, or be emotionally difficult or any number of other "good reasons" you had for putting it off.

Well, here's your chance to get started.  Set a kitchen timer for 50 minutes (or 2 sessions of 25 minutes) to start the letter.  Clear some space on the table, and write. It doesn't have to be perfect the first time out, and you can keep a running list of questions and issues that need follow up, but imagine how good it will feel to have it started.  The link above will bring you to some examples if you need help getting started. 

When you are ready to take the next step of meeting with an attorney to more
fully plan for your future and the future of your child with special needs to make sure that any funds you leave to them will enhance their quality of life while not jeopardizing the essential services they receive,  call me at 781-749-2284. 

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