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Keeping Your Mind & Body Healthy As You Age

I took up the guitar recently. My father and brothers can all play and as much as I love listening to them, I have also always wanted to learn to play. I am 4 weeks into lessons and so far I can play 6 chords and have an impressive set of callouses on the fingertips of my left hand.

One of the other reasons I took up guitar is that it is using a completely different part of my brain which I always figure will help keep me sharp as I get older. According to this article from, 10 Reasons Why Playing Guitar Is Good for Your Mind and Body, there are more benefits to learning and playing an instrument no matter your age. For example:

  • Listening to music, even yourself as you plink away, lowers stress and takes your mind off pain,
  • Practicing music can lower your blood pressure and heart rate,
  • Learning an instrument keeps your brain function up,
  • You retain creativity in your learning even when you aren’t playing.

It doesn’t much matter which instrument you learn, or whether you take up drawing instead or some other creative pursuit, staying interested in things as you age, trying new activities and feeling a sense of accomplishment with each new step you take are things we can all benefit from.

What Are You Waiting For?

After the holidays. When school gets out. Once school is back in. When I turn ____. When the kids turn ____. When I get paid. Once I make all the decisions. When I’ve had a chance to sit down with my spouse/partner/financial planner/personal trainer. When the weather is nicer. When the weather isn’t so nice.… Continue Reading