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Whether you need help with:

  • Drawing up a Will or Trust to protect you and your family,
  • Reviewing and revising your existing estate plan,
  • Protecting a loved one with special needs,
  • Understanding and serving in your role as health care agent, trustee or attorney-in-fact,
  • Connecting with housing, home care or other services for an aging loved one, or
  • Administering the estate of someone who has passed,

We can help you. Leanna has over 10 years experience in the legal work required to help you plan and carry out your wishes. And she can provide you with the practical advice and guidance you need to prevent legal issues from taking over your life.

If you are ready to feel less overwhelmed and start taking a step forward, call the office at 781-749-2284 or email Leanna at


When To Update Your Living Will

In Massachusetts, a living will is a companion document to your health care proxy. Your health care proxy is the document that names the people you want to help you in the event that you can’t make health care decisions for yourself. The living will is the document that outlines what those wishes are for… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Being Prepared

(I started this post back in May (yes, there was still snow on the mountains in May) and I never published it. So here it is.) I’ve written before about how being prepared is so important and makes the rest of life so much easier. It’s why I do the work that I do, and… Continue Reading

Baby Steps

A lot of people sound confessional when they first call or email me. “It’s been 3 years since my child was born and I haven’t done a will yet.” “It’s been 15 years since my last estate plan was done and I haven’t looked at it since then.” I always answer with the same thing… Continue Reading

An online option for estate planning

I think we are up to 5 feet of snow at this point. I’m shuffling client appointments again this week since either the roads are too dangerous for driving, my clients haven’t been plowed out yet, or there are child care issues since their kids are home from school for the 6th time this month.… Continue Reading