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What I’ve Been Up To

When I tell people what I do in my law practice, it is usually something like “I help people with wills and dealing with the process of transferring property after someone passes away.” Despite all the instruction to have an elevator speech, I do not have a snappy one liner that sums up all I do, but here is a sample of things I have helped my clients with recently, and other activities in my practice:

  • helped clients make changes to their existing estate plan, to change the order of some of the agents they had named.
  • facilitated a family meeting to talk about what to do with a vacation home after the parents passed away.
  • assisted a client in preparing the final accounting for a probate estate.
  • spoke to a group of eating disorder professionals about guardianships and its alternatives.
  • worked with a family to choose future guardians for their child with special needs and set up a special needs trust.
  • worked with a client’s bank to help them properly title the accounts into the name of their trust.
  • took at class on updates to the guardianship process.
  • spoke to a reporter about what instructions people should leave behind for their families.
  • helped clients with a MassHealth application for their relative who had been admitted to a nursing home.

As you can see, there is a lot more to an “estate planning and elder law firm” than might first be expected. If any of these things seems like services you might need, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

How Does Property Pass Without A Will For A Married Person With No Children?

If someone without a Will passes away in Massachusetts, the law states how their property is distributed. When that person is married, but has no children, many people think that all property would pass to their spouse. But that’s not actually what the law says. Let’s say for example we have a couple named Carrie… Continue Reading