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“Mom, do you have a will?”

“Mom, did people come and watch you when you signed your will? Do you have a will?”

This is what my 9 year old niece asked her mother while the three of us were lazily paddling our kayaks down the Mystic River on Easter Sunday in search of turtles. I had been talking about how I was having a friend come to the office on Monday to serve as a witness  to a will signing since the rest of the office was off on vacation.

My sister sputtered slightly. “Well….no….not yet…..because we got stuck on one the questions and were going to come back to it and one day I was determined we were going to finish the decisions and then we didn’t…” she trailed off.

“You don’t even have to pay for it!” I called from my boat as we went under the bridge.

“Do you have a will, Auntie?”

“Yes, and a health care proxy and a power of attorney….oh look, there are the turtles!” We stopped paddling to coast slowly past the 7 turtles sitting on a large branch sticking out of the water.

The cobblers children may have no shoes, and the lawyers siblings may have no wills, but at least we got to see the turtles.


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Being Prepared Has Its Benefits

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