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The office has moved!

I moved my office last week, just down the street – literally! You can now find your South Shore estate planning attorney at 190 Old Derby St., Suite 211 Hingham, MA 02043. I hope to see you soon!

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A Typical Week In My Law Practice

What is a typical week like here? While the clients and matters may vary, there are certain themes that carry throughout each week. I might be spending a few hours drafting a client’s special needs trust, and then reviewing some documents I drafted yesterday for a different client. Most days find me writing letters to… Continue Reading

Home Visits

I like to make home visits to my clients. I practice in a small town, and most of my clients are in the surrounding few towns. Meeting in someone’s home is quite different from meeting in the office, in a good way. The client feels more at ease, they don’t have to lug the tackle… Continue Reading