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Whether you need help with:

  • Drawing up a Will or Trust to protect you and your family,
  • Reviewing and revising your existing estate plan,
  • Protecting a loved one with special needs,
  • Understanding and serving in your role as health care agent, trustee or attorney-in-fact,
  • Connecting with housing, home care or other services for an aging loved one, or
  • Administering the estate of someone who has passed,

We can help you. Leanna has over 10 years experience in the legal work required to help you plan and carry out your wishes. And she can provide you with the practical advice and guidance you need to prevent legal issues from taking over your life.

If you are ready to feel less overwhelmed and start taking a step forward, call the office at 781-749-2284 or email Leanna at


A Typical Week In My Law Practice

What is a typical week like here? While the clients and matters may vary, there are certain themes that carry throughout each week. I might be spending a few hours drafting a client’s special needs trust, and then reviewing some documents I drafted yesterday for a different client. Most days find me writing letters to… Continue Reading

Home Visits

I like to make home visits to my clients. I practice in a small town, and most of my clients are in the surrounding few towns. Meeting in someone’s home is quite different from meeting in the office, in a good way. The client feels more at ease, they don’t have to lug the tackle… Continue Reading