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The office has moved!

I moved my office last week, just down the street – literally! You can now find your South Shore estate planning attorney at 190 Old Derby St., Suite 211 Hingham, MA 02043. I hope to see you soon!

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What I’ve Been Up To

When I tell people what I do in my law practice, it is usually something like “I help people with wills and dealing with the process of transferring property after someone passes away.” Despite all the instruction to have an elevator speech, I do not have a snappy one liner that sums up all IContinue Reading

A Typical Week In My Law Practice

What is a typical week like here? While the clients and matters may vary, there are certain themes that carry throughout each week. I might be spending a few hours drafting a client’s special needs trust, and then reviewing some documents I drafted yesterday for a different client. Most days find me writing letters toContinue Reading

A Reminder to Myself and to Other Service Providers

Whenever I need to hire a service provider to assist me with something that is vitally important but that involves a field that is unfamiliar to me, it reminds me again of what I want to be for my clients. Whether it’s needing a repair for strange noise that my car is making, having myContinue Reading

What Is Holding You Back?

If you are like a lot of people, sometimes it is the first step in a new direction that holds you back. Maybe you want to change jobs, but can’t even bring yourself to open a new computer document and call it “Resume.” Or you need to get healthy to lower your blood pressure andContinue Reading

My Office Has Moved

As of September 1, 2006 my office is now located at 160 Old Derby St., Suite 225 in Hingham. It is easily accessible by Route 3, right off exit 15 and across from the Derby Street Shoppes.  My office is on the first floor. 

Home Visits

I like to make home visits to my clients. I practice in a small town, and most of my clients are in the surrounding few towns. Meeting in someone’s home is quite different from meeting in the office, in a good way. The client feels more at ease, they don’t have to lug the tackleContinue Reading