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“Grantor Deed and Property Profile” Scam

A colleague was telling me the other day about a situation she ran into. She received a call from a client asking her why she was getting a bill for $83.00 from some place in Washington, D.C. for a “grant deed and property profile.” Her client was upset that she was getting a bill, when she thought she’d paid the lawyer for all the work that was done.

It was a good thing she called, because this was a scam and a fake bill that was made to look like it was from an official agency.

A quick search online showed that other states were warning folks of these letters that make it sound like you need to buy a copy of the deed to your house.

This is not the case. Your deed is recorded at the Registry of Deeds or Land Court, and in the case of the Registry you are mailed the original one after it is recorded. You can always request  a copy of your deed directly from the Registry, for just a few dollars. Any company charging you $20+ dollars should be questioned, especially if you did not reach out to this company but received unsolicited mail from them.

If you have doubts about mail you receive asking you for money for something you didn’t request, think twice and ask someone else what they think. You can even bring it to the police station if you are concerned or call the Better Business Bureau.

Reverse Mortgage Information for Consumers

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A Significant Step – Owning Property with a Significant Other

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Assisted Living and Continuing Care Retirement Communities – What’s the Difference?

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