For Professionals

  • You are a geriatric care manager whose client needs legal planning along with the services you provide. Maybe they have an old estate plan they want to update, or maybe they have nothing in place at all.  I can meet with the family at my office, or their home.
  • You are an estate planning attorney whose client has aged, and has concerns about Medicaid or other long term care issues.  I work with many clients who come to me for an evaluation of their current plan in light of long term care concerns, while they maintain a relationship with their family attorney. I can also attend a joint meeting at your office.
  • You are an attorney whose client needs assistance with their aging parent and you want to send them to someone who concentrates in that area. I am happy to receive those referrals.
  • You are a divorce attorney and want to make sure that your client’s estate plan will protect them before, during and after their divorce.  You want their health care proxy and power of attorney to reflect their current wishes. You want a trust drafted during the divorce process, or assistance with trust language in the divorce agreement.  You want to make sure that your client’s estate plan is updated after the divorce is final. I work with divorce attorneys and their clients at all stages of representation.
  • You are the trusted advisor for a family and they have turned to you for help with their situation as they or their parents get older.  You want to work with a qualified attorney to get them the assistance they need and keep you in the loop.
  • You are an attorney who is running your own firm and you want a creative coach to help you generate new ideas and ways to serve your clients.  I am often hired by attorneys to help them with practice management and marketing their firm in innovative and client-centered ways.