How To Research Family History

Stuck inside during a blizzard and need a fun project? Searching your family tree can provide hours of interesting discoveries (assuming you have electrical power, of course.) There are a few sites you can use:

Family Search is free to use. You can also volunteer to help index old records to make them accessible. It is run by the Latter Days Saints, but contains records for families whether or not they are LDS. is one of the most well known sites. They do charge for access to their records but they have a free trial so you can make sure it is right for you.

The National Archives also have records that you can research. They have census records, immigration records, and more.

Don’t forget that you will be someone’s ancestor some day. Consider keeping your own little memoir that can be passed down. The first entry could be “How I Survived The Blizzard of 2015.”

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