New Massachusetts Medical Certificate for Guardianships

** July 1, 2009 UPDATE** There is now a newer procedure and forms for guardianships and conservatorships in Massachusetts. The forms can be found here, or on the local court website. I will be posting about the new procedure shortly.

(This post referred to the new certificate effective in early 2008.)

The Massachusetts Probate Courts have come out with a new, much more comprehensive, medical certificate to be used when petitioning for a guardianship of a person.  The old form was 2 pages, and consisted mostly of blank lines, which left it up to the doctor filling the form to come with what information he or she thought was needed.  The new form is 8 pages, and requires much more detailed information from the doctor.  It also requires the doctor to specify whether a limited guardianship or a full guardianship is needed.

Click here to access the new Medical Certificate. Download medcertgdn31408.pdf

For comparison, here is the old certificate: Download OldMedicalCert.pdf

Quite a difference.

Here's the link to the official announcement on the Probate Court Website.

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