What Are You Waiting For?

  • After the holidays.
  • When school gets out.
  • Once school is back in.
  • When I turn ____.
  • When the kids turn ____.
  • When I get paid.
  • Once I make all the decisions.
  • When I’ve had a chance to sit down with my spouse/partner/financial planner/personal trainer.
  • When the weather is nicer.
  • When the weather isn’t so nice.
  • Before we travel again.
  • When we get back from traveling.
  • After my folks visit.
  • After my kids visit.
  • After election day.
  • After the first of the year.
  • Once I get out all my tax paperwork.
  • After tax season.
  • When the stars all align perfectly.

We all have things that we call reasons for putting things off. What are yours?

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